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Thread: WANTED- AMC valve

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    Just having a little fun with ya Maybe you got confused with the Active Intake System (Japanese only) referred to in section 1 page 44 (E1 supplement)

    The muffler system on XB 12's is technically referred to by Buell as the Interactive Exhaust System. The Interactive Exhaust Cable, and Interactive Exhaust Valve. You'll have better googling answers using the proper terms

    That said, if yours is inop there is a good fix for it that replaces the plastic gears that strip with metal ones. Our esteemed Lunaticfringe has the deets. Search under his screen name and should be easy to find.
    Or, if yours is just missing, they are easy to find. Most people take them off when adding a performance muffler.

    Heres a dozen or so for $20-$30...

    And to make up for the smartypants-ing
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    Thank you. I was able to take mine apart and fix it for the time being. The gears weren’t stripped or ballooned. The spring tab popped out of place. So far so good.

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    Interactive Muffler Control Actuator, most of us have one deep in a box of unwanted parts.

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    I love the Javelin and AMX
    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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    Believe it or not, my mom bought one, 390, with manual 4 speed trans, she didn't like it and I begged her to let me have it and I would pay her for it, she said it was too fast and she would worry about me driving it. I pleaded and even begged, no deal ! I went out out and bought my first brand new legal street motorcycle 250 Yamaha, then she said " I wish I let you have the Javelin. I got to drive it once, she was with me, it was a real cool ride !

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