Hello Folks,

Thanks for in advance for any help.

I have had my Buell for quite a while ~8 years, and sadly it had to spend last winter outdoors (in Vermont at that).

I went through the seasonal startup and check and noticed that my instrument panel, turn signals, and running lights were intermittently working. (Frightening because that mostly eliminated the fuse and suggested a deeper wiring issue)

However, I seemed to track down the culprit. I noticed that when turning the ignition switch to the on position there was the slightest amount of play. When turning the switch completely clockwise the above electrical systems don't work. However, the slightest nudge counter-clockwise, and the above systems begin working. So my assumption is that there are issues with the contacts inside the ignition switch (A search of the forum seems to support this hypothesis, though please correct me if I am seeing a correlation that isn't actually causation).

I guess I am just looking for a little confirmation and to solicit any advice from anyone who has had this problem or has messed with the ignition switch

My plan is to go ahead and try to clean the ignition switch contacts and hope for the best.
Does this problem use require replacing the switch? Is it best to go ahead and do so? Any potential shortcuts for a quick fix?