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Thread: Replacing Clutch Lever

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    Replacing Clutch Lever

    I'm trying to install new levers on my 1125cr. Can someone please help me identify that button in the circle? The two levers pictured are the stock (black) and ASV CRC-545 SG (specific for Buell 1125cr), The arrows show the part on the lever where button hits (or in the case of ASV - doesn't hit). I currently have a P1154 (clutch sensor?) error that I'm having trouble fixing - Can someone help me out, or point me the right direction?
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    That tab on the stock lever hits the clutch interlock and thats why you are getting the warning.
    Looks like the ASV's you got don't have it. Is there a separate part in the box that screws to the ASV lever pivot? I can't see in the pics.

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