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    Left Side Cover

    I just got a Buell Blast 08. I have some questions. The left side cover sits really weird on the bike. I attached a few pictures. Please take a look at them. What is wrong with it? Why does it not sit correctly? Is that bracket too short?

    Photo Jun 19, 7 34 03 PM.jpgPhoto Jun 19, 7 31 21 PM.jpgPhoto Jun 19, 7 42 21 PM.jpg


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    Is this real life?

    The bracket is bent.
    Put a pair of pliers on it and bend it back towards the frame.
    Looks like it should sit at a right angle.
    Be careful bending it. You don’t want to snap it.

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    Just bend the bracket it attaches to.

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    OK. I thought the previous owner installed a wrong bracket. Will bend it. Thanks again.

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