This could be perhaps the least useful issue in terms of bike perfromance, but hey, if someone knows the answer it would help ease my OCD mind. The previous owner wired a couple LED's under the translucent airbox, and before I decide whether to keep them, I'd at least like them to function properly. The switch became disconnected when I first took the airbox cover off. Yes,the previous owner drilled a hole in the now impossible to find cherry bomb translucent airbox cover for an LED switch...Anyways, I have three wires, one going to the negative terminal of the battery, and two that appear bundled to the positive terminal. It's my understanding that the wire to the negative battery terminal go to the bronze prong on the switch, the positive wire go to the middle prong, and LED wire to the far prong from the bronze negative prong. what's strange is if I hook up all three, just the light on the switch goes on. If I remove the middle and leave it hanging, the switch and led's both light up as intended. If i get crazy and put the negative terminal in the middle, and leave the outside, the switch does not light up, the LED's glow extra bright, and the 15A fuse wired in blows. Keep in mind, I have essentially no wiring experience, so if something I'm saying doesn't make sense, I'm probably not saying it right.