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Hey Osvaldo,

not specifically criticizing you in the least. being a new board member you clearly have no context or historical perspective on these endless mind-numbing "tuning threads" that inherently go nowhere...hold no intrinsic value for 99% of board members...and accomplish little to nothing. they're traditionally filled with techno jibberish that is beyond the comprehension level of most board members and admittedly, myself included.
my philosophy and position has consistently been this during 25 years of Buell ownership:
there is no hidden SUBSTANTIAL power and performance gains lurking within the factory ECM.
there is enhanced rideability and enjoyment obtainable thru a simple one-and-done proven map installation.
get the bike in perfect operational condition then religiously maintain it.
if you have the equipment...desire...capability and patience.....install a simple generic proven "race map" and ride the bike.
if one feels tepid or unsure of their ability to perform the above then simply follow Josh's lead and have an outfit such as IDS do it for you.
my comments above based on 2 specific things:
1-watching this board become clogged with endless 17 page "tuning threads"
2-receiving countless PM's....emails....phone calls thru the years from inveterate souls now looking for advice and counsel on how to resolve their "bricked ecm" dilemmas.
Hi lunaticfringe,

my pleasure to ear from you.
I'm new, but I read many and many post on the forum and I can realize what you mean.
Part I agree, part non so much.
To talk about that we will go 'off topic'.
May be I will open another thread on that cause it's intersting see how each other feel about to own and ride his (her) motorbike.