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Mine is the same with pw1 being larger number then pw2. Not buy much, but still larger.

Post a screen grab of it

Thats not right.

That does sound right. Mine stays rock solid.

Not sure how new bikes are, is there a idle control valve? 2004 just has idle screw that determines minimum throttle position.
Hi cossack84,

yes on DDFI 3 system there is a step motor opening an extra air passage (IAC).
Up to now I am not sure why it is also moving around a lot, as it seem to be governed by engine temperature only.

Looking at pw 1 and 2, rear cylinder is most of the time leaner than the front.

Sometime injector are not going together, I mean one pw is much higher than the other.

With the bike idling with untouched throttle sometimes you can see pulses from Acc. correction (up to 4.5 or so)

In the meantime TPD is floating between 3.5 - 4.5.
Warm up Idle.jpg

Hot Idle.jpg


I am having an hard time trying to discover the logics behind ECM decision, as the few useful infos are spreaded one by one all over the net.
I love my Buell, but it seems that Eric's guys left a lot of job to be done by costumers.
As I enjoy learning and put my hands 'developing' my bike I am not so unhappy with that, but I hate they (ISD?) did not supply us with full info over their DDFI systems.
Really I don't think they are so good to worth keeping them secret.

Looking for everybody opinions, up to the next.