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Thread: One more time on ECM

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    Quote Originally Posted by osvaldo View Post
    Hi guys,

    Very impossible thing.
    In my last log viewing it in MLV, you can read O2 sensor voltage up to 1.505 V.
    That's impossible even with a broken sensor.
    Any idea what is going on?
    Post a screen grab of it

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    Hi man,

    here it is.
    I add another odd thing:
    usually when the fan get on (my set is 199 C) the reading of CLT sensor jump instantly
    more than 10 C.
    I'm trying to figure out how much we can trust our log analyzer system.
    Can be found somewhere any document explaining the meaning of all MLV acronyms? At the moment I know very few of them.

    Please let me know your opinion.





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    Hi guys,

    I have to rectify one thing:

    some post ago I said that (looking with TunerPro) fuel maps from my bike ECM are exactly the same as the one for Drummer SS.
    That's not true at all.
    What's the same are 2nd Fuel maps, that I don't know what they are.
    As far as Fuel maps they are quite different, excuse me

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