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Thread: heat shields

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    heat shields

    I found this heat shield on ebay, and while it seems really cheap, I thought it might be worth checking out considering the price. I believe the oem buell heat shield just uses hose clamps as well. I think the clamps on these are too big, but looking at the way they work I'm thinking I could maybe just pick up smaller ones at the hardware store. Has anyone tried any of these "universal" heat shields and had any luck?

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    That heat shield is just going to prevent your leg hitting the exhaust. If keeping your leg off the pipe is the problem, that will work, but if you’re trying to prevent heat from radiating from the exhaust pipe, it will help. However with how hot it is outside, it’s only going to help as much as just shutting one window on your home.

    The stock one is held on by hose clamps and is available from Chandler HD.

    S0175.5AK More expensive, but designed to fit your bike

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    And the stock one doesn't have holes in it, fits better and actually looks pretty good. There is a small benefit from radiant heat. The aftermarket one with the holes probably not so much.

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