When I bought this bike it was running on the rear cylinder only. The front fuel injector was completely stopped up. I cleaned them both out. When it's cold, it starts fine, idles fine, revs in neutral fine, and runs down the road not so great. There is a bit of sputtering as you accelerate it in gear. About 5 minutes in as it gets hot it starts running worse. Lots of sputtering, especially if you try to give it more than 4,000 RPMs. But usually, once you get past 5,000 it clears up. If you let it sit for a while but start it back up before it cools down, it runs horribly. Doesn't want to idle. Almost impossible to get it above 4k rpm. When you give it gas it bogs down really bad. Sounds like it's either starving or flooding.

I have replaces the fuel lines and filter. Someone had put "Not for use with fuel injection systems" fuel line on the bike.

Injectors might not be 100%, but they are definitely spraying lots of fuel.

Air Filter is not a factor. Took a short run down my drive with the filter off. Same issues.

I'm going to check the TPS next.

Plugs look OK, but I'll probably change them to be safe.

Any ideas?

If I were to buy new injectors, where is a good source and what part number?