Well o don't know what happened to yesterdays posts but I guess I'll go over again... Got two relays and when about some testing started bike and let idle for 20 min (fan came on) no failure but temp on relays where top 2 135 bottom 103... Killed it for about 45 trying to duplicate the last failure started and rode around the (I have a circle) drive way for 15 min not an issue... Today put the relays in my pocket jumped on the bike as soon as I lifted it up to pull the kick stand bike dies start switch off and on no crank WTF cycled key gauges sweep pump primes bike starts 🤤 ...so I when out riding I live in the country so I just did laps around my block (4 miles) so not to get too far away in case a tow was in the cards. I was mean to him hard pulls to limit seems to be riding just fine... About lap 2 I pull out on to highway hammer it grab second front tire comes off the ground for about 50 feet (not pertinent information for troubleshooting but why I love this bike🥰&#129323 however bike cuts out between 5-6 k and is somewhat consistent over the next 6 pulls always cutting out between 5-6k so I take it easy spying the side of the road for the glove I lost when I trailered him back last week get close to home and make some hard pulls no cut out no sputter so now I'm more confused than before 😔. Guess I'll be carrying these relays around for a while.... Any thoughts???