Okay fellow Buellers I got a crazy one and need some extra brain power. Have a 2005 xb12r 38k on it. Last year started having some serious cutting out during the hotter times of the year. Morning ride to work no issues after noon as soon as I hit the freeway about 3 miles into the ride bike started cutting out badly and back firing enough I turned back and left the bike at my shop. Had done the fuel pump a season before so I figured maybe ignition... New plug wires and ignition coil later made the ride home without incident. Few rides later started again. Spent some time on here looking for clues. New TPS and a couple resets later went on a 100+ mile ride without incident. Next time out bike started cutting out again but got me home. Put in new fuel pressure regulator rode to work next day without incident on my way home bike died 4 times and didn't want to restart fuel pump coming on with switch but cranks without fire for 2-3 min then starts and runs for about 1000 feet. Get her home and decided to do the pump again to rule it out seems like it's running out of fuel. New pump installed go on a ride maybe 10 miles back home no issues. Wash bike take wife to go get tacos 6-7 miles from home no issues. Get back on bike after 45 min feel the heat on the frame side above the exhaust as is normal from a ride. Take off from the taco place bike cuts out a bit on take off so I take it easy so I can make it home about 3/4 mile down the road bike dies I pull off the road into a parking lot bike cranks no start try a few times and it may start for 5 seconds and die. Get a ride home to get the truck and trailer get back to the bike start it and pull it into the trailer no problem. Sorry for the long back story but I wanted to make sure you had all the info. So my assumption at this point is something is going sideways once the bike has had a chance to heat everything up but I don't know what could cause it to die like this. Please help!!! 😭