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Thread: Clutch Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lusiphur View Post
    That sounds very promising and if it works as advertised seems to be exactly what you need.

    I wonder if you could search some Harley Forums to see if anyone has one and get their thoughts.
    Ask them for some references.

    If it was me, I'd give it a shot.
    Most of the reviews, (Harley, Metric, Dirt Bikes) were all positive. One guy complained that when he races he always shifts around 4000 RPM and that Autoclutch didn't work much above 3500. Another guy said that when he started his bike in 1st gear without pulling the clutch in the bike took off and crashed. Don't know what really happened. Yes the Autoclutch should have allowed him to start his bike in gear without pulling the clutch but common sense tells you to always pull the clutch when starting.

    The Hand Therapist I've been working with said that with the RA damage in the hand I have a finite number of clutch pulls left. Squeezing a ball, pulling clutch levers or doing anything that puts resistance on the "Wavey" fingers is not good. Seems like a large percentage of their customers are older men that want to keep riding. Hopefully these will keep me going well into my 80's.

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    I am paranoid. Bike is in neutral and I pull the clutch in. Then I slowly let the clutch out to make sure it doesn't roll.
    I think I would always be pulling the clutch in at stop signs and traffic lights no matter what.

    The camera angle on that video was perfect. Right on his foot and the angle of the sun cast a shadow of the left handle bar so you could see the shadow and him not using the clutch.
    I'm pretty excited for you. I think this is your ticket to riding happiness.

    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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