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Thread: Theft attempt XB12Ss

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    Theft attempt XB12Ss

    Hello my Buell friends. It is a sad day for me, someone trued to steal my motorbike tonight. This person tried to start the morbike by gently taking the front cover off and then separating the ignition switch body from the rest of the locking system ( ) and twisting it with a screwdriver. Luckily the bike is still there, but it seems to be dead for now. I have to do more research to find out what happened. For now it is hidden safely.

    My plan was to buy new set of locks, and I found this: https://st-paul-harley-davidson-buel...10-xb12xt-l19a

    Problem is that it is said to fit to Ully, but I have a feeling that it is almost the same part as in my XB12Ss. Is there anyone here who can confirm this?

    Is it necessary to replace it all or would it be enough to just buy the ignition switch body and somehow attach it together to the rest thet the thief destroyed? What do you guys think? Did anyone go through such mess?

    Best regards

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    It looks like the reason why they list that particular kit is because it appears to have the helmet lock. I'd imagine this could work on a SS, but you'll have an extra part you wont need.

    This one is probably more correct for your application:


    Like lunatic mentioned, you probably don't need the whole kit. However, all around great guy , purpony is selling a used one on here.
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    First off, sorry about those scum of the earth losers but if I could make a recommendation, look into comes with a year subscription and you can drop and charge under the seat. I do not have any affiliation with them but itís affordable, reliable, app friendly and you will get a text as soon as your bike moves along with being able to track via GPS on your phone. Takes 2 seconds to throw a bike in the back of a truck, alarm ringing or not but the satisfaction of finding that person...

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