Ok for the past month ive had my 04 XB12s torn down under construction. Rebuilding brakes, cleaned up some wiring, and replace the intake gaskets and port gaskets. Before i parked the bike i was have some issues with backfiring, low idle and dying. Ever since ive had the bike 8mths now, ive had a horrible shake when i hit 80mph which ive been slowly chasing down trying to correct. Replaced neck bearings, wheel bearing and fork seals and it still shakes. Other than these 2 issues the bike has done really well. So i did my port gaskets had a couple issues but got it done. I did the motor rotation and didnt have any issues. As i ways getting things back together i had to install the belt and went to loosen the rear axle but the axle was straight seized wiuldnt budge! I broke a socket driver, a homemade axle tool (that ive had for years and always worked) even broke a extended wrench, last resort was a 5/8 impact and still wouldnt brake loose. Yes i removed the pinch bolt, yes i was turning L to loosen. After a couple days of hell i finally got it loose. It took a better quality long socket wrench and 2 days of spraying wd40. But when it broke loose..the bearings seized on the axle so when im trying to loosen it up the wheel would follow the axle and start pushing into the swingarm. So thanks to some advice i simply used a rubber mallet hitting the tire and the axle slowly came out. So after all this i inspected the NEW bearing that have less than 1k miles on them and they no longer spin. Bearings are ****ed. I thought the axle would be ****ed too..but i stuck it back through the swingarm (wo the tim) and it screwed in by hand no issues.
Now my debate starts here..i had a tech from my shop install a rear tire 3mths ago and he didnt antiseize the axle. But now im in a argument with my shop guys..for 1. The hate buells 2. Know nothing about them. However they say its not that it wasnt antiseized its because my swingarm is ****ed. Keep in mind, before i removed the wheel it spun freely, no wobble, no resistance. My axle looks like its been freshly machined down, when i know for a fact it wasnt like that before...New bearing will be here tomorrow and ill go to fit things back up. So whats your opinions or experiences on this?