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Thread: Need fuel for a debate

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    Also id love to entertain the ideal of the 3 resr wheel bearings modification..something that should have been done in the first place.

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    Hi TeXB12s,

    I took the time to read all, but all, your post.
    I'm not very sound with my English so I would like you confirm that the workshop where you first bring your Buell is your own workshop used to work on the Japs.
    Excuse me for my question but are you just the owner, as anybody could be, or are also the 'tech head' of the business?
    Buells are different, but not so different...

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    Breath Guy, don't take things personal and just work with the people trying to still help. LunaticFringe is IMO one of the if not the "Guru" of this site, so if there is only one person to listen to it should be him. if you have done some research you can see many of these members put in countless hours helping others who already think they know the answers or don't take the advice the first time then come back with it again just to not listen, not saying this is you. Anyway, pics of the axle seem ok. Changing the swingarm is not a direct swap with the newer years as you probably know but the newer designs are more reliable, though I put 23k on my original orange seals and were still good when I replaced them but be steady, check through your rear end before you put it together and if it all looks good and all the work is performed properly hopefully it'll do the trick, if not just keep at it. You said the shop told you your swinarm was junk, is this true? also see if there are any fellow Buellers near by who can help.

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    Hey napsack84,

    Has following the manual found the O-rings you need for your fuel pump ?

    Quote Texb12
    " It took a better quality long socket wrench and 2 days of spraying wd40 "
    I guess you thoroughly read his post ! Your an idiot looking for an argument.

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