I've got family in Pittman, NJ and stayed in that tiny, quaint, little town, while commuting to Philly for a few months. Really liked both those towns a LOT! But for completely different reasons Camden... not so much. I'd give it a 3 rating on the Cooter never-gonna-go-without-an-armored-vehicle-scale-of-no-just-no. BTW Gary, Indiana gets the prize for mistake-on-the-lake.

Back on track, I'd consider a Uly to be an 90/10 bike ready for 90% road and 10% off-road. You can do it, but there's better dirt bikes. Ulys great for camping and fireroad-ing, but I wouldn't do bouldered single track on the TAT without being in total misery.

If you're gonna hard-core off road your Uly, the beast will take it, but its best to prep it for the hard core off-road you plan for. Extending the breather vents is a great start, so is the sexy skid plate that Dean makes