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Thread: street fighter 2 road warrior?

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    street fighter 2 road warrior?

    09 xb12ss 29500 mi. I'm going ak.(bucket list#7)w/tools,plugs,fuses,spare old belt,tire fix's tight,except rear head/rocker box gaskets,there's wet in y'all crying bout sloppy welds n spatter,took a look an cool! I got me a hawk!! point is,it's gonna be a long ride,hot, cold,wet and really would y'all prep for this?think a buell will make little bear's a good ride,she can growl if she has to, thanx up front!

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    From what I'm gathering from your post, your traveling from FL. to AK., #7 on the bucket list.
    Carry a couple of spare elec. contact boxes that are in with the fuses, u can pick them up from your local auto parts store, just match the prongs up.
    You have oil seeping out of the rear cylinder rocker box, sometimes this is just due to too high oil level, check it.

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    leo7 post picture of the leak, how bad is it?

    Haven't done 2500 miles one way but did ride ~2300 mile round trip, plus several ~1000 mile trips. I packed minimal tools, you wont be able to fix a lot on the side of the road. I would concentrate on riding gear, that will have bigger impact on you. Riding in 100 degree heat during the day then 75 at night will feel like 30. Heated jacket made huge difference.
    Good rain gear is a must. Nothing worse then sloppy wet ass crack/feet/balls in 65 degree night.
    Good boots that wont leak, comfortable all day.
    I'm sure there is a ton of things I'm forgetting.
    When are you planning on making this trip? How long do you have?

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