Hey all,

I just went on about a 28 mile round trip mostly highway and on the way there I got up to approx. 80mph with no issues. I stopped at my destination for only about 5 minutes.

On the return trip when I accelerated up to around 70-73mph the bike sputtered pretty bad and would continue until I slowed down to under that 70mph range. I tried to accelerate back up to around that 70mph range several times on the remainder of my trip with the same outcome. Even downshifted into 4th and the issue was still there. Also tried riding in 2md gear at 4000rpm (what 5th gear is at while doing 70mph) and no issue. I have a battery voltage gauge in the cluster and it fluctuated between 13.7-13.9V during this time.

Any idea what this could be? Obviously it is load/speed dependent.

Edit: I have nearly a full tank of gas (Shell) and also have the RSS with ambient temperature of 72F so it wasn't an overheating issue. The fans do work fine I confirmed

This is the first time I got up to these speeds since last riding season (9 months ago)

2003 XB9SL
17,xxx miles
Hawk exhaust with race tune
Oil change 1 month ago and I verified fill level is correct