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    Blasted Blast

    Hey, I just bought an '01 Blast and am considering building a chopper out of it... Yeah I know why a Blast? Answer; It's all I can afford. I bought an aftermarket HD frame that was going to use with a KZ750 power plant but got this Buell CHEAP. My plans are to put the engine and frame together along with an older Sporty rim chain conversion & exhaust front pipe. The front end I have is from the Kz and it does work with the frame (aside from an extra spacer). My total for the build thus far is right around $1500, and I am going to try to keep it under $2500.
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    Why not just sell the Blast and buy a chopper for $2500? Here is a seemingly great condition older Sporty for $2500 I found on my local craigslist searching for "sportster" and put the max price at $2500.

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    Well 34nineteen, I already had the frame, forks, and some of the other parts I intend to use. When I found the Blast online for $400 CDN it was inside what I could afford. Shelling out $2500 for a Sportster right off the bat would have been impossible. As for even getting one here in Canada, for that price, is pretty much out of the question. unless you are damn lucky.

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