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Thread: No probs,why me!???

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    No probs,why me!???

    I wannathanxeveryone (howsmyspellincoot)I paid 3500 for a 09 xb12Ss w/29,500 back rocker stuff looks wet,
    nuthin to cry about,instantly fires up,idle 2holysxxt!purr's like a kitten,roars like a bear,full dresser,busa,anything,any money,I won't a good girl,good bike,good dog n I don't jack off over computer maps, harley people like buells,just not the eggheads that ride em.

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    This is very funny, I have been called a lot of things in my life but never an egg head, just goes to show, if you live long enough, anything is possible !

    I just thought of something, if we're egg heads, what do they call the guys that use Buell motors in Harley frames.................... yokes ?

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