Hi all. My Ulysses does not want to idle and sounds like its running on one cylinder. Im getting signal to coil, getting spark, there is fuell pressure, injectors are both giving fuell. When I crank it i can rev it but does not want to idle and it sounds way different, almost like an offroad. Different than the normal deep sound. Sometimes when it starts up and i rev it to keep it going there is popping at the throttle body. Ive done a tps reset which i cannot get lower than 1.2 degrees. No errors showing up on ecmspy apart from the air temp sensor from the air box being unplugged. Almost forgot to mention, ive been struggling with it for 2 years, started intermittantly to stall while driving and not getting it staryed again, then for weeks and decided to get new sparkplug wires, spark plugs. But didnt solve my problem Stood for just over a year and decided to try and take it on again. Ive added new fuel and oil..any ideas?