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Thread: New to the forum need help with xb12ss build

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    New to the forum need help with xb12ss build

    Hey guys new to the forum and to forums period. Started moding my bike recently, now I'm not a complete noob to moding atleast on the esthetic side of things. Tho I was hoping some of you fine buell lovers could give me your 2 cents on certain areas that I lack in. So heres the mod list in no particular order.
    Relocation of phhhh everything on the tail. Id like a clean bobber deal
    Open exhaust
    Complete front end remodel, only thing I've started since I crashed it.
    I'd like to share some pictures as soon as I figure out how, I'm terrible with technology so bare with me.
    So far I've looked through this forum and havent found much on the hypercharger install atleast how to connect the flap to work on my 06 xb12ss. Any one care to chime in ?
    I found one on ebay for 60bucks figured it's worth a try since no one makes a direct kit, any and all advice would be more then appreciated.

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    Guess I can only put picture in via web and not mobile ?

    So far
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    To each their own! Have fun modding you bike to how you like it I would warn against open exhaust, not just for your neighbors sake, but these are fairly sensitive to exhaust systems for tuning. There are lots of mufflers available that are plenty loud.

    I've seen different front ends on these (ya mostly after someone crashes it) Acerbis front head light, one from a CR, 7" round with fork brackets, gas mask, even a swap to an EBR SX front light. good times...

    Installing the flapper air cleaner thing means you'll need to connect the throttle body linkage to the flapper thing. That means you probably can't run the airbag bottom and they hate that too.

    Get a .pdf manual downloaded from or Buelltooth also has links to get ECMDroid (also for free from the google play store) that uses their bluetooth dongle to wirelessly communicate with the ECM on the bike for diagnosis and the huge amount of custom tuning you'll need to do if you do those mods you want.
    Good luck buddy

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    Thanks bud for all the info definitely appreciate any advice. And as you said to each his own, I dont care about performance on my buell all I want is something ridiculous looking lol I think these bikes are so odd to begin with which Is why I bought it in the first place. I know you guys will tear me a new one for this but if you look in the back of one of the photos, there's an older r1 I run with open heads. I know its terrible for the bike but it's fun at bike shows
    My big question as of right now and from the little i gathered from the forum is that the flap is operated with vacuum ,where do I get the vacuum from ?
    I believe the previous owner put a drummer exhaust on it and it seems like it doesn't have the exhaust servo on it atleast the exhaust side but I still have the intake servo.
    As to the frontend I'd like to make my own from scratch I've seen most of what you mentioned, but what's the fun in doing what's been done. Overall I'm going for a mad max look atleast that's the goal. You seem like you're more into the performance aspect of things but thanks so much for your input especially the bluetooth thing I'll definitely look into that. O and what is the airbag thing you referred too?

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    *air box

    I thought those force intake things you like were mechanically operated? If its vacuum operated you'll need a manifold vacuum source. You'll see a fitting on the throttle body and thats not it. Its blocked. People see that 'open' and freak out and put a rubber cap on a blocked port, not even knowing what it is.

    I'm only warning you of running issues because these can get un-rideable pretty quickly with intake and exhaust mods done differently than the usual things. You can always convert to a sportster carb! LOL

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    Is that a thing ? Cant tell if you're joking cause of "LOL" either way thanks for the reply I'll put up some pics once I can figure out some sort of lay out. Still waiting on some parts as of right now.

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    I am not sure if this is what u are looking for, but there is a fitting on TB used only CA bike for the smog charcoal canister ,Which I take off and plug RTV.

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    I'll give it a shot when parts come in. This is what's on it's way, so what I figured from what I've read about the vacuum. Theres the 2 black hoses which are either the vacuum or the breathers? Or the little one coming off the round thingamjigger is vacuum? If anyone has an understanding of this please point me In the right direction.
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    Hyper chargers are vacuum driven. You will need to find a vacuum source. On a tuber, there is a VOES valve that connects to a fitting on the intake manifold that a T fitting is attached to to actuate the hypercharger doors. I do not believe the XP has an unused vacuum port, so you will need to likely drill and tap the intake for a fitting to get a vacuum source.

    The fitting circled in the picture is for California emissions and does not vacuum. And the big hoses going into the air cleaner are breathers, not vacuum.

    You will also likely need a custom airbox cover so the hyper charger will fit on the bike. There are a few German sites that show this piece. A quick Google search should reveal that.

    If you really want to show off at a car show, why not just save the money from the hyper charger and just show off overrevving and blowing your engine? It will definitely attract a lot more attention than that hypercharger (and I like hyperchargers )
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    I would recommend a Tuber, especially the X1... Much easier to access the engine and airbox. I have never understood a miss tuned engine with straight pipes just to hear the pop of exhaust valves opening/closing. (about 10,000 HD sportsters come to mind) The sound of an after market, dual port exhaust pipe on an XB is simply magic to my ears. The tuber is much more compatible with the HD chrome accessories and the bolt on tail section of the X1 has lots of potential. But I may be a little bias...


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