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Thread: Cooling fan won't come on

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    Okay now I'm gonna check my settings. Does it really matter which of the above sets of parameters is used as long as it's one of them? I have an 07 XB12SCG - BUEIB

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    Follow lunatics settings.

    Did you get a RH scoop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34nineteen View Post
    Follow lunatics settings.

    Did you get a RH scoop?
    will do, yes on scoop

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    When you load someone elses tune with ECMDroid, it includes the fuel tables AND the ECM Parameters as well.
    It isn't really clarified that YOU need to check the parameters after you load a new tune on and adjust them to what you like Including AFV.

    Some of the more common BUE2D tunes people trade around for free have that fan setting backwards.

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    Send Buelltooth your questions, I have found their customer support amazing! Very knowledgeable!

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