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Thread: Header group buy...?

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    Header group buy...?


    Name is Grant. I have an 04 XB12S and an 08 XB12R.

    Both need new head pipes...

    One because I bought the bike in pieces and it doesnít have one, the other because itís cracked in plenty of places.

    I have been unable to find a stock replacement or event an aftermarket option...

    I happen to have some friends at Bassai exhaust though, and have the ability to get them to build a minimum of 25 headers.

    So, would you be interested in a high quality, American made, stainless header with stock and wide band O2 bungs installed?

    If so, how much would you be willing to spend on said item?

    Would you want any other changes made to it? (They would all have to be the same!)

    Thanks, and let me know!


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    I'm in.

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    If your group buy doesnt work. Here are the stock 2010 headers that will fit all 1203 XB models 04-2010. They have 2 o2 bungs and come with a cap for the front pipe if only one o2 is being used.

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    I think you should find out what it would cost to make the stock header and let us know. The one with 1 bung.

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    APH Performance sells headers. Dean Adams may also.

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    I guess my google skills need honing. I was unable to find one. Thank you all.

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    The New Castle part linked above is probably your cheapest option for an OEM part. It will work on any year (or displacement) XB. Mine were $500 a set when I was making them.

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    I'd be interested depending on price

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