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Thread: Best production year?

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    Best production year?

    Currently own a 07 xb12ss and I'm thinking of adding a 1125cr to the stable, and I was wondering, what is the best year to purchase? I heard that the 08s had some electrical issues but nothing much outside of that.

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    09-10 is the only year the CR was made, that said the 09-10's had the stator problems. The 08 model year was only the R and rarely any stator issues.

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    Ah, ok.

    So, is the stator problem permanently fixable, or is it one of those things where you just keep a few sitting around for when they go out?

    If they were only made for 09-10, which year is the best to buy? Was QC all over the place, or did they really nail it down one of the years?

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    Great bikes, bang for the buck, with fixable stator problems. Just do ur home work ahead of time.
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    The stator fix is a one time issue, oiling problem caused them to breakdown from heat. Either EBR or Rick's makes a one time fix, do yourself a favor and do the voltage regulator at the same time... FIXED! don't need to stock up on additional stators!

    As for year... the 2010's had the stator issue resolved and there is a oil level sight glass in the right case that is hella easier than the dipstick. Trouble is they only made 231 of them out of the total production of 3,099.

    My advice is to make certain it is a true Cr, there are conversions putting a Cr headlight assy. on the R, grab a low mileage example of either year, most of the 09's have already had the stator issue addressed and the sellers will be able to document.

    First major service item worth noting is the valve adjustment at 12K miles, you will need a service manual or a good wrench for this operation.

    Be prepared though... the power band above 6K is a totally surreal experience, where the XB is running out of RPM's, the Cr wants to get serious............ the grin will be hard to erase when she power wheelies going through gears effortlessly...... I love my 12R but.... this Cr is the most fun I ever had on two wheels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XBPete View Post
    Trouble is they only made 231 of them
    Didn't magpul buy up 50 or so of them for the ronin?

    Anyway, Thanks Pete. This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for.

    Are there any other known issues I should hear about or customizations I should research?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
    Didn't magpul buy up 50 or so of them for the ronin?

    Are there any other known issues I should hear about or customizations I should research?
    I went long and hard learning the Cr before I got mine, I was ready to get an Sx when the company shut down and the reliability of the R and Cr took me back instead of forward, that said, there is a possible issue with the crank nut, has come loose a few times on the R, Cr , and same seems to happen still in the Rx Sx versions of the Rotax.

    Nice thing is there are parts available to fix, St Paul HD, Fleabay a few good members here are reliable US sources along with a few HD Stealerships for basics.

    Customizing is another area where parts are lacking unless you can fabricate. Carbon fiber is available for the tail, belt and some engine covers, screen, fender, scrubber, and airbox. Brembo upgrades to the master cylinders are trick, Jens sells a fair assortment, actually more than any other and ships to the USA ...

    Some custom German body parts from Speed of Color...

    Exhausts from Dean Adams, APH Engineering ... ... http://www.aph-performance-engineeri...ll_system.html

    Steering stabilizer from GPR...

    Rear shocks, Ohlins, Penske and Wilbers are available some need sourcing from Europe( not certain about Penske at the moment..)

    Tuning software from IDS ...

    Seating... dunno if anybody makes them... I have both the Comfort seat from Buell and Saddleman

    Drop pegs from Knight Design if you are tall are a grateful upgrade! Same with the High Bar Kit from St. Paul's HD!

    Only limit is your checkbook,, not bad for a bike not made for a decade... these things are AWESOME!


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    Oh.. the Ronin buy was a mix, I got a set of R forks from them for my 12R ... don't know the exact breakdown and have not talked to them in years....

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    I too bought a 09 CR, I checked with the dealer it was bought from and they did a recall for the voltage reg. (new wire harness for better ground). It only has 1,700 miles. I am concerned with the stator issue also. Should I ride till it fails, or just replace it now with better unit? All the comments here are dead on!! LOVE the bike, power, looks, etc. Finding someone to wrench on the bike has been a task. HD dealers that sold them want to charge double what they originally did before. Thanks for all the help!

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    oh, man, butchcr... I'm sorry to hear that. You should probably get rid of it.

    Coincidentally I have a pile of money sitting next to me...

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