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Thread: Converting a lightning long into a ulysses

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    Converting a lightning long into a ulysses

    *alternate title, "The ladies like 'em longer"

    So, I love my xb12ss, but my lady, who also loves my xb12ss, wishes she had a bit more room. I've been looking at tail sections of Ulys and comparing them to my SS. I've been looking at just getting a different seat (like the baldwin seat miami78 has )Between the seat and the tail section, the Uly looks a bit longer, and I'd imagine with the right seat, a bit more comfortable. We've considered getting a dedicated touring/adventure bike, but I really don't want to give up my XB12

    Having looked at a ton of pictures of the underseat sections of Ulys, and my own bike, it seems a simple swap-- unbolt the back of my bike, swap for uly parts, call it a day.

    Any thoughts or opinions on the subject? Any Ga Uly owners who'd like to meet up for coffee and comparison?

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    Pretty sure you are right. check this out:

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    Thanks tleighbell, that is exactly what I was looking for.

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