It all started last week, I went to the barber shop and when I was leaving the bike wouldn't start. Thinking it was just a dead battery I called AAA for a jump and as I was on the phone waiting for them she fired up so I rode home thinking nothing of it. Fast forward a week and I go to start the bike dead battery again so I jumped it and continued on my ride. About half way to my destination my dash went out completely at which point I couldn't decide if I should just go home or not, ultimately I decided to continue. I'm pulling up to my destination 11 miles from home and she just completely shuts at the stop light before turning into the shopping center. I trie to fire her up and nothing. Turn the key off put it neutral and push it to the parking lot about 5 yards in 85 degrees and I tried again to start it this time the dash comes back on and I get clicking, symptoms of a dead battery so this leads me to believe it's the stator. I'm in the middle of moving right now so I won't be able to fix it right away but I don't want it to sit at my dad's house forever which is where I had her towed.