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Thread: Looking for a local fellow rider in PA. Contemplating a Ully

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    Hey Rocketeer: If that's your real calculated MPG it is running waaaay too lean

    35-45MPG is about right and will net you 120-150 miles/fill-up with the bigger Uly tank and a comfortable reserve. I would suggest doing the usual checks for intake seal leaks and such.

    If you are even slightly computer literate, A great diagnostic tool is ECMDroid from the GooglePlay store for free, and you'll need a Bluetooth dongle to communicate between the bike and the Android device (like your phone or tablet). I like mine from and you will find ECMDroid instructions there as well.

    If you find your bike is in great running condition (FIRST!) and you end up needing to modify the tune, ECMDroid can load one (such as the Buell "race" tune for stock mufflers), or contact Tim at for a plug-n-play ECM.

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    I totally understand people not wanting to have somebody they don't know ride their baby around town just to get an idea about a bike. I have gotten great feedback from Lunatic about his experience with the XT and I do appreciate his honesty. I just happen to be a big Harley fan and the Ully seemd like it would be a great fit. I have a touring or 2 up bike. I was looking for a "dual" purpose machine with great street credo but still able to ride on fire road or gravel and still have the harley rumble.

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