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Thread: Taking Buell Ulysses xb12x out of long term storage - What to do to get running?

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    Taking Buell Ulysses xb12x out of long term storage - What to do to get running?

    I would like some advice on what I would need to do to remove a 2006 Buell Ulysses from storage and get running again?
    The bike in question belonged to my father, who due to health reasons didn't ride the bike and it sat in storage for 5 years.
    When my dad had some heart issues, he stopped riding the Buell. Family members meant well and would occasionally start
    the bike and take short rides to get the bike warmed up, etc.
    But the last five years the bike was stored indoors but unridden. (bike has about 600 miles in it)
    I would like to get the bike running again, but after looking at a service manual, I don't know what to expect. A bit overwhelmed.
    I am making a list of things I need to get before starting the bike. ( new battery, spark plugs, air filter, maybe new tires)
    Would start by draining the old stale gas.
    Looking for any advice/suggestions on what I would need to do next.
    More concerned about what problems might pop up when working on this bike.
    I am trying to do the work myself, as a last resort, taking the bike to a shop.
    I thought that you forum members would be a good source of information.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    Sorry for the long winded post
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