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Thread: How much should I pay?

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    How much should I pay?

    Looking for an XB12Ss. Found one with a salvage title with 6500 miles. 2006. What are the opinions of value. Nice looking bike no damage.
    Also who has an XB12Ss for sale? would like a 2009.

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    Gotta ask why it was a salvage title. These bikes don't have any big expensive fairings to crack. So no dents on the frame or exhaust pipe? Check the tabs on the steerer tube - a bend here suggests the bike crashed or forks twisted.

    6500 is nice low miles though.

    Even here in SF where everything is overpriced, non-salvage Buells are going for around $3500

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    FYI bought my 2009 xb12r last October with 10k miles with clean title in great condition for $3400.00

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