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Thread: Buell xb12r no second gear

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    Buell xb12r no second gear

    Shifts and drive in every gear except 2nd gear it’ll go into 2nd but once you give it throttle it grinds but with out giving it throttle it acts like nothing is wrong how do I fix it and where do I start

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    Wish you had a tuber with a trap door transmission?
    I suspect a couple of power shifts while on one wheel may be responsible.
    On a serious note, I think you’re into the big job of splitting your engine case and overall your transmission.
    My tuber would pop out of second gear regularly but luckily for me, the dedent plate spring was weak. I was very fortunate to replace the spring and adjust the shift hub thingy - yes that is the official HDMC term - “thingy”.

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