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Thread: Buell xb12r no second gear

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    Buell xb12r no second gear

    Shifts and drive in every gear except 2nd gear it’ll go into 2nd but once you give it throttle it grinds but with out giving it throttle it acts like nothing is wrong how do I fix it and where do I start

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    Wish you had a tuber with a trap door transmission?
    I suspect a couple of power shifts while on one wheel may be responsible.
    On a serious note, I think you’re into the big job of splitting your engine case and overall your transmission.
    My tuber would pop out of second gear regularly but luckily for me, the dedent plate spring was weak. I was very fortunate to replace the spring and adjust the shift hub thingy - yes that is the official HDMC term - “thingy”.

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    Sounds like the dog gears are rounded off a little on 2nd gear. When you jump on the throttle they pop apart. Have to replace the second gear set. Same thing happened to my dirtbike on 5th gear.

    It could also be a bent shift fork which don't allow the dogs to fully engage. The more it pops out the more the gears wear so they likely have to be replaced even if it is just the shift fork. Either way the case needs to be split to get at the transmission.

    Power shifting into second is bad, and I agree is likely the cause.

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    What he said ^^^
    2nd gear takes a beating, being the most commonly used gear and the biggest ratio change.

    You can either split the case and replace the gear, or slit the case and send the stack to:
    R & D Motor Sports Inc in Clearwater, FL (727) 447-4552.

    I had really good service there.

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