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Thread: Xb12r backfire

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    Xb12r backfire

    Backfiring through throttle body really bad throttle response does anyone know how I can fix the problem or what it could be

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    TPS reset and run 91 octane or better

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    It could be multiple things, most likely or hopefully not all at once but the first thing to do is go to and download your free service manual. Second I highly recommend Buelltooth wireless dongle for a droid with a free app and or ecmspy ( free version or mono the paid version with unlimited access)for your laptop, both of these will safely communicate with your ecm and allow you to see what’s going on. We also will need more info on your motorcycle, stock, race or modified ecm , any aftermarket performance parts and any recent work if done on the bike. Welcome to the forum, these guys will have you up and running again.

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