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Thread: Convert *.bin to *.xpr

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    Quote Originally Posted by osvaldo View Post
    Hi cossack84,

    I got an answer to my question from Buelltooth guys even if they are not directly involved with tunerpro!
    They said: If you modify an .xpr file in tunerpro and then click the “save bin” button it will stay .xpr. Don’t click “save bin as”
    It works.
    On PC, I saved a copy of my stock EEPROM (xpr) in a different folder, reamed it adding 'to be mod', open and modified with tunerpro, saved with "save bin" (it stay xpr), renamed it changing 'to be mod' in 'mod1', moved back to original folder, sended by mail to the smartphone, downloaded there in the right folder, and I got it.

    I hope this can help some of us willing to have a better bike without throwing away bags of money changing half of the bike, because if just in case...
    This is of course not to say than anybody should work on without knowing what is doing to his engine, but for the rest if is not broken I don't like to change it...

    Awesome thanks for letting us know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunter View Post
    These files are fully identical. It's as simple as renaming them.
    Hi gunter,

    I am not expert at all in this matters so I'm always afraid to damage something.
    I ear that how both files are write is the same, but I also read somewhere that if you rename bin in xpr and try to load it on ECM you are going to make it usless.
    Of course I can't tell if it is true or not, I just tried to choose the safest way.

    Thanks, Osvaldo

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