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Thread: Easy Rider

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    Easy Rider

    pretty much sums up the 60's that one of the decades' icons....Peter Fonda....would die the same weekend as the 50th anniversary of Woodstock and Abbey Road. i'm bummin'.

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    Yeah brother, I'm right there with you and, I was at Woodstock in 1969 !

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    Ever since I was a small fry I wanted a minibike. So I guess 2 wheel life had always called me. Once I saw Easy Rider, the freedom and the adventure of seeing this great land and meeting people, I was committed. It wasn't long after I turned 18 I said hey, I'm an adult, I can buy a motorcycle if I want, and did. It's great when you are traveling on a motorcycle how folks strike up a conversation. They ask about your bike, where your headed and for how long. Some are riders or former riders others you can tell are contemplating what it must be like. There's no life like 2 wheel life. RIP Captain America

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