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Thread: Can Bushing Replacement for a 04 XB12S

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    Can Bushing Replacement for a 04 XB12S

    Can someone provide info on locating Cam Bushings for an 04 XB12s?

    I found one thread that had part numbers but was not a defintive "yes" on if the Sportster Bushings were the correct Bushings to purchase. My cases are good. No pins needed. I am working with a machine shop that can make a set (they are rebuilding the crank) but want y'all's advice prior to moving a specific direction.

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    they are the same for 2004-2007.
    having a shop "make" bushings is not only unnecessary....the cost would be ridiculously prohibitive.
    eastern cycle offers a nice complete set of both bushings and shims for less than $100.
    OR....print out this page from the dealer parts manual i'm providing to you...take to any them the bushings and shims you want...and order up. ALSO REPLACE the oil pump drive pinion gear at same time or you'll be sorry.
    you're welcome.

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    Thank you!

    I will do as you suggest. I am planning on replacing the oil pump drive gear w brass as well as the whole oil pump. The oil pump does not spin freely all the time so I am worried something might have caused the geroter feed and or return gears to degrade. They lock up intermittently but not solidly- this caused the bike to gradually starve for oil and overheat but did not destroy the oil drive gear itself as in many other cases. This is why there was not a catastrophic failure.

    I want to be sure that I don’t have a repeat with the $$$. I am putting into it.

    Any other insights from anyone who has experienced this type of failure and rebuild are welcome. Again thanks!

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