Hey everyone, I have been gone for a while but the bike has been running great until now. I have a 2009 XB12r with 17,000 miles. Race ECM, Drummer SS, and carbon open air box. The other day I was on my way home and the check engine light came on. A few lights from the house the bike started to idle abnormally high. When I got home I pulled the code and it was number 34 for idle air control. There is one code that said IAC position too low and another also code 34 that said IAC circuit failure. I pulled the IAC out and cleaned it up hoping it would help but no luck. I ended up purchasing a new one from St Paul and got it installed. After clearing the code I took it for a test ride and it ran fine but the check engine light came on again. The second test ride did not go so well. After about 15 min the bike started to idle high again. It is running better than before but still not properly. When I got home I pulled the check engine light again and got the same two codes. From here I'm not quite sure what to do. If I missed any useful info please let me know and I will add it. I did some research on here, bad weather, and Google in general but I couldn't find anything. I also have a service manual, do all the work on my bike, and am mechanically inclined. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.