I had almost this exact setup before. That setup was 1050 kit, stage 1 heads, xb12 throttle body, xb12 header, carbon jardine, open air box, dual wide bands. I do not have the dyno chart. It did dyno at 93hp 82tq to the tire. I know without proof itís hearsay. However that being said, this setup adds stage 2 heads and cat 3 cams. I would expect to see 100hp to the tire if not more. Doubt Iíd get out of the 80s on torque. Never know. Itís very streetable. The cams are very mild. Runs like stock. Till you twist the throttle. Also added the 04 up belt upgrade with a Baker aluminum trans pulley and a lightened front sprocket. This complete setup feels significantly faster than the previous one. Iím stoked so far. Also. Im a 9 guy. Gotta have the revs. 😉