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Thread: 2007 Buell xb12ss TPS Dangers

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    Cool 2007 Buell xb12ss TPS Dangers

    TLDR at the bottom

    Hey, I'm new to the world of Buell and I'm currently looking at my first one to purchase! I have been looking for a new bike and Buells have always caught my attention from the unique styling and the sound of the engine. I think I have found the right one for me which is a 2007 Xb12ss with 27,000 miles on it in good condition for $3000. The only issue with it is that the TPS sensor has to be reset along with getting a new rear tire after 500 or so miles. My questions for you all is, is it ok to ride the bike home which is around 30 minutes away without resetting the TPS? Or should I spend the money to trailer the bike to my house? My main concern is safety and I am not sure what the hazards are if I just ride it home.

    TLDR: Is it safe to ride a 2007 Xb12ss without resetting the TPS right away. And what are the dangers if not done immediately.

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    Why does the tps need reset? Was the sensor changed recently? If the person you are buying from told it needs to be reset, definitely ask why and why didn't they do it before selling. Now if it runs fine, I don't see the need other than maybe some routine maintenance. And you should be fine to ride. Now if it runs like told crap, i.e. bogging down, no power, lots of hesitation, etc., I would tailer it. Just my 2 cent.
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    You do know that 25000 miles is not low miles, your probably going to need other things shortly, so I hope your getting it for a real good price and you know how to work on your own bike.

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    He installed a Jardine exhaust on it recently and has not taken it in to get it retuned yet because of the closures of dealerships due to the pandemic. Thank you for the insight Chief_of_smoke!

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    Exactly what Chief of Smoke said...

    A muffler change doesn't require a TPS re-set, sounds like the PO was clueless, LOL.

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