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Thread: chain conversion kit

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    chain conversion kit

    Hey all! new here... Here is my problem: I own a 2010 xb12scg, i want to be able to ride it on the street but want to drag race it on the weekends. I'm currently making an extended swingarm for it with a one of set of headhusts. I want to change the original belt drive to a chain drive... looks like there are no more kits anywhere. I'm also looking at a 1250 big bore kit with cams, should i be looking for a bigger throttle body or is the original one big enough? Can somebody help me with my winter project? Thanks in advance!!!
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    You’ll probably just want to ask NHRS or Hammer Performance for advice with your engine build, they will help put one together for you and or at least let you know what your best options are. I can’t remember where I saw a chain conversion kit for XB’s recently, think it was a European( not 100% maybe American) company and it was astronomically expensive, like $1400 or something but it was over a grand. I get the extended swing arm but if you’re only trying to tune up to a 1250/1275 and still want it to be streetable, is it worth it to compromise one of the strongest attributes of this bike to gain 1/2 second? Or is this also about esthetic’s and just want that look? If it’s all about a strait line and you’re customizing ( I think) a swing arm why not get something already set up for Cush drive along with a wider tire? I also read someone using the Ducati Cush drive system and implementing on an Buell, forget if it was an XB or tuber. Anyway good luck with the build and pics please.

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    You can still do-it-yourself chain convert a XB very cheaply with a quick search on here. Even without the cush drive. Heck, even I have done it a few times over the years without issue.

    Hammer is the go-to for Buell engine mods, their 1275 kit is awesome!

    Hope it's an 1/8 mile track

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    Dan at NRHS is my go to guy. He will sell you what you want and is very responsive and helpful with issues.

    Hammer has yet to return any of my emails since my first one.

    I bought my 1250 kits with cams from NRHS from Dan's advice and have been thrilled with his advice... and the price was spot on! He has been an awesome person to deal with.
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    I have a conversion kit, unused you can have. Let's make a deal.

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