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Thread: Fuel pump drawing from battery

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    Fuel pump drawing from battery

    Bought a 2008 XB12XT last summer, has 12,000km. It happened to me twice on hot days that as soon as I hit the F-Trip countdown that the fuell pump fuse blew. So I found the few threads on here discussing the issue. Since then I haven't let the gas tank get too low and I was willing to live with that...
    Now I got a dead battery after the bike sat for a few weeks. I found some threads on here and with the few advices on there, found out that the draw, when bike is off, comes from the fuel pump (multimeter with negative wire off battery, after removing fuel pump fuse, the amp draw disappears).
    After checking the price of a fuel pump, yikes! I am wondering if it's a case of replacing the fuel pump, or if it is serviceable.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    a failing pump will present several issues as follows:

    difficult starting/excessive crank-to-start times after sitting a few days or more
    cold start repeated stalling
    lazy annoying, unpredictable throttle response with lack-luster rideability and application of throttle
    back-firing thru the TB into the airbox assembly
    AFV value constantly climbing well above 100
    repeated popping of the 10 amp fuse...particularly when tank level gets low enough to initiate "miles to empty" odometer countdown.
    erratic "low fuel level" behavior from the pump sensor unit.
    parasitic draw with motor off, thru the ignition relay

    see link below. thanks to yours truly you have several choices all of which are substantially less in cost than what existed several months ago before the OEM NOS pump supply was exhausted and the part # delisted.

    new-in-box NOS pump for $289
    full rebuild kit as per the link below
    send me your pump for a full rebuild.!
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    Wonderful! I'll be in touch to order a new pump. Thank you!

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