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Thread: 08 Uly, 10k miles. "16 / battery voltage too low"

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    08 Uly, 10k miles. "16 / battery voltage too low"

    My Uly was a garage queen before I bought it a few months '08 with only 8,000 miles. The PO had it serviced just about every year (brake, oil, trans fluid change, overall inspection).

    The other day as I was riding, the CE light came on. I mostly ignored it since the bike was running fine (I had not yet installed the Buelltooth). Later in the day, it failed to start (just clicking). I charged the battery and reinstalled it and it ran fine for the few miles home (I had left it at work due to the non start issue).

    Since then, I installed the Buelltooth and got it to pair to ECMDroid. The only code from the ECMDroid was the aforementioned "16 / battery voltage too low".

    The battery was new a/o August 2018 but I'm unsure how well the PO took care of it (he claimed to have kept it on a battery tender and there was a pigtail attached to the battery).

    I tested the battery using the procedures in this post

    -30A battery fuse looked great.
    -08 Uly...I don't think I have the #77 connectors in the same place (not visible when I removed the pulley cover)
    -i did not clean the grounds
    -removed derby cover, smelled like regular oil
    -battery had completed charging on a smart charger and was around 13.5V before installation...then I rode it around 5miles/20minutes home
    -ignition key on: 12.5V
    -after starting and holding it around 1500rpm: 11.86V

    Clearly the battery is discharging. I have VR on order (I live in Italy so it's a bit of a wait, the local HD dealer still has the Buell sign up but wanted over $200 for a VR with a 2 week wait).

    Another clue: I'm on my third low beam bulb in the last 1000 miles.

    Tomorrow, I will buy a new battery, charge it and install.


    What are the chances it's just a bad battery vs. a VR?

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    austin: see the below.

    08 Uly...I don't think I have the #77 connectors in the same place (not visible when I removed the pulley cover)
    yours are the 2 connectors located behind the left front factory air scoop.

    i did not clean the grounds
    i would.

    after starting and holding it around 1500rpm: 11.86V

    classic faulty VR

    Another clue: I'm on my third low beam bulb in the last 1000 miles.

    classic faulty VR

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    Thanks for the good info. I will check the connectors and clean the grounds when I install a new battery this week.

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    Clean all of the grounds !

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    Today, I went to a local battery store figuring it was my best shot at getting a choice. I speak a bit of Italian and quickly found out the warehouse only carries "cinese" batteries. I was directed to the local Yamaha dealership. They had the correct size Yuasa battery...origin unknown. But, the posts are the correct orientation and it's an AGM so it's on the smart charger.

    In the next couple of days, I'll get the battery installed, clean the grounds and finish installing the LED turn signals. I'll also do a parasitic discharge test and get after testing the existing VR. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the suggestions!

    -dolomoto in northern Italy.

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    I had the same code show and the battery was discharging. After ruling out stator and VR I realized I had not checked the connectors under the left side scoop. One of the connections was not making contact all the time. I bent ever so slightly the male pins in towards each other and used dielectric grease to help with conductivity and corrosion resistance. The connectors connect the stator and VR to the battery and I think the ignition. That solved the problem.

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    The VR finally arrived and today I made time to install it.

    Here's the old one:


    Started it up, voltage looks good!


    I also got to see the new turn signals in action (click on pics for video).


    I will put a few miles on it this week before riding it up to Amsterdam for a work-cation. The good folks at Twin Motorcycles are doing some work (oil change, plugs, ECM update, Rocker Box gaskets, wheel bearings). On the way back, I will take about a week to ride thru the Alps. We're close to the end of the Alpine riding season for the big passes (Stelvio, Timmelsjoch, etc.).
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    I just bought my newest Uly in July this year with only 8000 miles on it also. 500 miles later and two burned out head lights I pulled the the VR and it was cooked on the back. I bought a Mofset style VR for a 09- 13 Sportster and made my own mounting bracket. The wiring is a little short compared to the Buell but has the same plugs. I just extended the wires. DF5D15AD-A5C7-4FF3-8EF0-F065B9E1B638.jpg8FB1A707-93A4-4FE9-9CDC-2E6CD848C509.jpg

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