Yes, I know... Dean Adams!!! I have a Keda RT-4 + ECM on my Christmas list but it's a little decadent for my budget and I enjoy my relationship with my neighbours. The only thing louder than a Keda is the Space Shuttle (from what I read online).

That out of the way, I'm seriously looking at a FleaBay Barker exhaust. From what I read it's a good BANG for the BUCK. If I could snap my fingers it would be a TwinMotorcycles TorqueHammer (absolutely great guys) and an RT-4 so I could do my own official butt dyno shoot out but recent repairs have caused some financial austerity measures.

I would like to purchase a used exhaust, possibly help someone clean out their garage or salvage some parts from a donor bike. The stock exhaust with the stock tune works very well BUT I want some THUNDER!

Let me know what you have.