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Thread: 2007 XB12SST GOOD spark plugs

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    2007 XB12SST GOOD spark plugs

    Hello, I'm looking for good quality spark plugs for my XB12STT, everyone seems to use NGK but I heard Bosch are better. If so which type?


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    Quote Originally Posted by gargaflute View Post
    Hello, I'm looking for good quality spark plugs for my XB12STT, everyone seems to use NGK but I heard Bosch are better. If so which type?


    up to me, the most dependable cross reference I found gave https://it.sparkplug-crossreference....BOSCH_PN/YR7DE for NGK DCPR8E, but please check yourself.

    just half a cent from my small experience on Buell spark plugs.
    I had just 3 different set, the one from factory, NGK DCPR9E and the last one, few days ago, NGK DCPRE8IX.
    All of them seems doing their job without any trouble and I did not find any appreciable difference.
    Bosch make indubitably good stuff, but I feel they have got much more experience on european bikes than on the jap or usa.
    Not to say they will be bad, but... You can try and let us know.
    Or may be some gurus will get in and avoid us to have to experiment that.
    Aside of that I would say that if your bike has a problem with usual spark plug types it would not be changing brand that would solve it.
    In general a bit 'warmer' plugs will probably perform a little better as far as cranking and low load driving, especially on a bit rich bike.
    On the other side they could be a problem if you push hard on the track with a bit lean bike and will be safer to go on a 'colder' set.
    I remember the times when was necessary to crank the race bikes with a warm set, warm them up, switch on the cold one and finally ride.
    I think with newer technologies applied to spark plugs all of that is almost finish, if not at all.
    All of that is not Bible, somebody else stole it before I could reach on
    Let's wait for some words of wisdom.

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    Here is my $.02. I’ve experimented with OEM HD plugs, HD Gold plugs, HD platinum plugs, NGK iridium 8’s & NGK 9’s. All of the HD plugs came gapped at .035 and worked ok. The NGK’s have generally come gapped at about .030. I’ve installed both sets of NGK’s with the stock gap and the spec gap of .035 for my 05xb12r. The NGK 9’s noticeably work the best on my bike, also there is no noticeable difference between the stock gap and .035 gap but I gap ( using wire gapper on iridium not the solid tapered type, you will destroy the tip) to spec FWIW. When in doubt consult your Service manual

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    I could copy/paste what TapRoot said. Exactly my experience as well

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    NGK 9's

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