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Thread: My Buell, finally finished !

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    Thanks y'all !!

    I though it was over. I though my Buell was perfect as it is... And then, I found this :

    Order's done. Now, I'll have to wait ways to long to have it...
    And I will also have to call paypal for them refund me the fees they charge me for nothing...
    "Hey, you are in Europe, you paid $ xxx, we'll charge you yyy ..."
    "Well, no, you just took the money from an account that has USD on it..."

    So here is the thing, paypal will charge my account the has dollar in it, in Euro... So I will have to pay the conversion fees twice ! Once to convert the USD to from my bank and then a second time from paypal to convert the to USD... So silly...

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    Looks great!!

    Hey Niklos

    Can you take a close up of your instrument cluster and post that picture in this thread

    It would help Thunderbolt find out if he has the right or wrong cluster on his Buell.

    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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    I am going to have a look at the thread and see what I can do !

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    nice, I loved my XB9sx. You've done well

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    Nice work! I also am a fan of the headers. On my someday list is to get that done along with my Hawk exhaust. I know a guy with a XB9SX with 4k miles who is thinking about selling it and approached me about buying it. If I do, I will be coming back to this thread.

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    Anytime if I can help !

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