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Thread: Tapping upper fairing thread

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    Tapping upper fairing thread

    Iím going though my new-to-me 2006 Ulysses, and I discovered that the 6 threaded holes that hold the upper fairing in place bunged up pretty badly. One threads well, two donít tighten at all, and three I canít run a #10-32 bolt in more than a centimeter. The bolts I pulled out were all different, so they screwed the threads up pretty badly. I assume Iím going to have to tap larger diameter threads in there. Has anyone done this? I was thinking M6. Itís a little smaller diameter than 1/4-20, and just barely small enough that I wonít have to drill larger holes in the fairing piece.

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    You may need to find a j-nut or u-nut

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    You could try Helicoiling them.

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    I had the same problem. Drilled them out and re-threaded then to M6.
    Got some black headed m6 button head torx bolts and some black plastic washer.
    Much better and easier to remove, which is good considering that since then have had to remove the
    instrument cluster twice, fix wiring problems with the harness at the neck twice, installed heated grips
    so had to remove the fairing twice cos i messed upp the wiring the first time and each time I had to remove that fairing but without
    worrying about the bolts.

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    My 06 Uly had 10-32 threads in the upper fairing. It also came with a few mismatched fasteners. I cleaned up the threads with a 10-32 tap and replaced the fasteners with 3/4 length 10-32 stainless from a big box store. Put a little never seize in the holes before refastening. Unsnapped all the connectors and put some dialectic grease on them and cleaned up the grounds. Installed some cool flush led turn signals. I will try and post a picture in a separate tread.

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