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Thread: Thinking of buying a S1 or X1

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    Thinking of buying a S1 or X1

    Hey All,

    I am finally looking to move on from my 1980 GS550E cafe racer, and am thinking about purchasing an S1 or X1. I am always looking for rare, quirky things that no one has and tinkering on them. The fact its American makes it all the better! However, in this instance I am getting a bit nervous because the information online is really lacking on these. I get that production was only 15K total, but I figured there would be more knowledge out there since these are such enthusiast focused bikes. Anyway, my question is as follows: Between the S1 and X1, is there a big difference in reliability or the ability to find parts? I know that the X1 production number is twice as much as the S1. Also, the X1 has the upgraded version of the twin, similar to the S1W, and is EFI instead of carbs. I dont care about power, and carbs arent a big deal to me. I like the look of the S1 better, so I would prefer to buy one, but my biggest worry is finding parts if something were to break.

    Also, would you recommend a site to find replacement parts?


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    St paul harley davidson still sells buell parts. Not sure about the tube frame bikes but my xb has never wanted for anything

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    You had a 1980 GS550 and you're worried about Buell parts!? LOL. Thats a good one...

    Not to worry, and honestly BadWeb ( is the go to for tuber info. Those guys were in the shop while they were being designed and built.

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    Iíve been bombing around on my X1. Vance/Hines exhaust. Just so much fun! I always say, if someone tells you to go play in traffic, take an X1.

    The good: I like the huge aluminum tail section and the dual breadbox air intakes.

    The bad: the seat! Did I mention the seat? Itís very narrow and square at the gas tank. Everytime I tap the brake it feels like my junk is in a vice.

    On any tuber you can expect the factory rear shock is cooked. I bought a NOS off fleabay because theyíre getting rare. A lot of the parts and gaskets are completely compatible with a sporty so parts havenít been an issue.

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    I'm in love with my X1! =D If you still didn't choose which one, then you should definitely try X1.As Can't remember exactly but it seems I've found great reviews on it at Camping World FAQ website

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