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Thread: searching XB12 2010 fuell pump command cable

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    searching XB12 2010 fuell pump command cable

    hi my City X has a short circuit between cables inside the moulded connection circle in red on attached pic. I can't find this in shops they sell the whole assembly for 400 box… does somebody have it for sale? even used one would do thanks
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    1)You can google image search to see what brand the cable end is and repair it yourself cheaply? Most Buell's use Deutch connectors/terminals, but I don't recognize that end. Hopefully someone smarter that me will know is a great source for obscure Buell info.
    2) Try PM-ing PurPony he has lots of Buell parts.
    3) Or You could try any of the dismantlers on e-bay. Pinwall cycles always has a few Buells.

    Good luck

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    the 2010 XB pump is unique in several ways as is the pressure rail and regulator. the pump wiring harness was never assigned a specific buell/H-D part number. i know of no method or substitute plug to address a problem in the pump end of the harness. the pump end of the harness is unique and 1 year only. see attached pic. i do have a few new-in-box 2010-only pumps that i bought from factory inventory when they were being delisted but they're expensive.

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