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Thread: Throttle Cable Routing

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    Throttle Cable Routing

    Is now -15 degrees C and I have 10 centimetres of snow. Let me translate for my friends that are not familiar with the metric system; IT'S ****TY MOTORCYCLE WEATHER! I decided to start working on little projects that have been making me crazy all season. First Up; the throttle on the 1125cr. You had to pretty much rotate the throttle back to the home position when performing a TPS reset, this is when the bars were in the centre position. If the bars were turned the throttle would not rotate back at all. I pulled the throttle cables off the bike expecting to find them in poor condition. Nope! They were free moving, gravity would pull the cable to the stops, if you held them up by its sheath. The return springs on the throttle bodies were fine, the solenoid was removed already. For good measure I lubed everything up and re-attached the cables. Nope! Still stuck, marginal improvement. I removed the front headlight pod and everything worked fine, but it all went bad as soon as I installed the headlight pod.

    It took about 4 hours of routing, re-routing and re-routing to finally get it right. I had to leave some slack in the throttle and throttle return cables to get it to behave. The bike has the clubman bars, I was considering ordering the high-bar kit to see if that improved things (and for my lower back). You don't want to lock the throttle on any motorcycle, especially an 1125. I was starting to worry about launching my bike out of a parking spot because of a stuck throttle.

    All working properly now, and the throttle bodies actually snap now when I release the throttle grip :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdksh View Post
    Is now -15 degrees C and I have 10 centimetres of snow.
    ^^^^Is that even engrish?

    Quote Originally Posted by pdksh View Post
    AHHH I got IT!

    The throttle on the 1190 gets more slack in center but perfect when turned. That is a winter project for me as well. Its the little things that make riding more enjoyable.
    However you coulda used it to practice making standing U-turns...

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